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 Skin Care for the Industrious

Intensive, all-natural skincare products to protect and heal under the most arduous conditions 

ABOUT Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty specialises in providing premium, all-natural skincare products for hardworking men and women. With every profession in mind our soap is formulated to gently dissolve synthetic materials such as silicone glues, oils, dirt and grease while leaving your skin soft, supple, and nourished. Applying our hand lotion afterwards continues to nourish and rejuvenate your skin leaving you in comfort to continue your workday. Our entire line is suitable for all skin types and gentle enough for daily use.

We also tackle the most challenging task of tattoo- and scar-removal.


Who is heavy duty for?

You work with your hands, and you know how your skin feels after a hard day's work. Maybe you manage a restaurant and spend much of the day washing your hands. Perhaps you work in construction, where the elements of nature take their toll day after day. Or are you an auto mechanic, using chemicals to remove the grease that accumulates on your hands? Housecleaners, childcare workers, mail carriers, and men and women working in various trades know the discomfort of having rough, dry, and sore skin. 

Heavy Duty has the solutions that you have been looking for. Our hand cream, soap scrub, lip balm, and tattoo-removal products are all-natural, organic, and made to properly nourish your skin. They are also tough enough to stand up to the elements of your occupation and athletic preference. 

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Product Testing

Heavy Duty Cosmetics

is currently in the first round of product testing 

Professionals of different industries are participating in a week long trial of our first cosmetic formulations.  26/4/21.


Learn more about our testing:

Skin Analysis 

Sensorial Testing

HDC Test Results

4 Day Test on an

 Italian Handmade Shoemaker

After 4 Days
After 4 Days

Heavy Duty Test on Difficult Substances

Tropical Leaves

New Products

 based on disinfection, calming, Rejuvenation, hydration, and element protection 

Coming July 2021


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