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Exfoliating Hand Soap

Our deep cleansing scrub cuts through the oils and grease that you encounter at work and leaves your hands soft and smooth. How do we do it? We use micellar technology.

Micellar technology works by binding to grease and foreign particles and washing them easily away. If you work in an industrial field, you might have used products that strip away the grime while also stripping away your skin's natural oils, leaving them feeling raw and chapped. With micellar technology, you will notice that your hands are clean but not left dried out. Instead, we use moisturisers that will allow your skin to maintain its natural softness, reducing or eliminating any cracking, redness, dryness or flaking. 

You know how hard your hands work, but that doesn't mean that you want everyone else to know. Use our deep cleansing scrub to eliminate any traces of grease or dirt while leaving behind naturally soft and smooth skin.

1000 mL
Intense Moisture Hand Cream                                                               Face Cream
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