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5 Common Reasons People Get Tattoos

Tattoos: Whether you love yours or wish they never happened, you likely had a reason for getting them in the first place. You might have thought about it for months before taking the plunge; conversely, you may have decided to get some ink on the spur of the moment. Here are five of the most popular reasons that people get tattoos.

People Get Tattoos to Express Themselves

Everyone has passions, and most people want to find a way to express those passions. Whether you love dolphins, music, or boxing, you might decide to get a tattoo as a way to tell the world about your interest. If you have a tattoo for this reason, you might have words, images, or a combination of the two.

When the interest or passion lasts a lifetime, the tattoo might be appreciated for many years or decades. If the interest passes, however, some people find that the tattoo is no longer appealing. Since interests tend to change over time, these tattoos can make the wearer feel uncomfortable as the years go by.

People Get Tattoos to Rebel

In some cases, tattoos are used as a method of rebellion. This is particularly true among young people whose parents have forbidden tattoos or who have imposed a lot of rules during the teen years. Upon turning 18 or the age of majority in their region, the young person might go out and have a permanent alteration in the form of a tattoo.

Those who use tattoos as an act of rebellion might experience heavy feelings of regret once the novelty wears off. If the tattoo was placed on the hands, neck, or face, it might even prevent the person from getting a job in their chosen field. Tattoos as an act of rebellion are never a good idea and often lead to the individual seeking a tattoo removal procedure.

People Get Tattoos to Commemorate a Person

When a beloved parent, grandparent, or another family member dies, some people will choose to get a tattoo to help them remember their loved one. Many people who get this type of tattoo do not regret it and find that the tattoo serves as a comforting memento as the years pass, especially if it is small or not visible when wearing their normal attire. The same can often be said for those who get a tattoo to mark the birth of their child.

Some people get a tattoo with their partner's or spouse's name on it. In some cases, the tattoo lasts longer than the relationship. In these instances, the tattoos can be looked at as a burden and the person bearing an ex-spouse's name might wish for safe and effective tattoo removal.

People Get Tattoos As a Bonding Experience

While some people choose to get a tattoo on their own, many others go with a friend or relative. They have the shared experience of getting a tattoo together, which can serve as a fun bonding experience. Sometimes they may have matching tattoos; other times, they might simply go together and each chooses a unique design.

In some cases, the people will enjoy this memento of their friendship. Other times, the relationship fades and they're no longer interested in having that reminder.

People Get Tattoos on a Whim

Finally, some people simply decide on the spur of the moment to get a tattoo. They might be travel

ling and, when they notice a tattoo shop, decide to go in and get some ink. Or they may be having a boring afternoon when the idea occurs to them that they have always wanted a tattoo.

After some time goes by, the tattoo might serve as a reminder of a fun and impulsive time in the person's life. Alternatively, the tattoo might cause them embarrassment and the desire to have their tattoo removed.

Those with tattoos they no longer want don't have to suffer in silence any longer. While laser tattoo removal might not be the best option for them due to its lack of results or its questionable safety record, TattoOut is a topical treatment that can remove tattoos effectively, safely, and in just one application. Visit our website to learn more about this innovative tattoo removal treatment.

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