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Introducing Dr Elena Paglia

Heavy Duty Cosmetics is pleased to introduce Dr Elena Paglia to our team. Dr Paglia is a physician specialising in Oncology and in Medical Aesthetics and she runs a clinic in Milan.

After graduating with her medical degree in 1996, Dr Paglia has worked in her private clinic since 1999. She has worked with oncology patients who have gone through procedures that have changed their appearances. Some had facial asymmetries, many had lost their hair, and all wanted to look more like they did before going through their treatments. She also works with athletes, people struggling with various health concerns, and those who simply want to postpone the ageing process for as long as they can.

Some of Dr Paglia’s specialities include laser hair removal, injectables, fillers, non-surgical facelifts, peels, surgical procedures, and more.

She also focuses on nutrition, electrostatic therapy, genetic testing, and other approaches that heal from within.

Dr Paglia is interested in helping people to achieve better health, and she is particularly interested in using our cosmetics as well as Tattoo Out in her clinic. She will be reporting on her patients’ skin health before and after using our products.

We are excited to welcome her to the Heavy Duty Cosmetics team and look forward to working with her. We feel that our natural, organic approach to skin care and tattoo removal will be an excellent match for Dr Paglia’s expertise and experience, and we are eager to see the difference that our products make for her patients.

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