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Micellar Technology: Skincare of the Future

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Those who work in the industries often come across greasy or oily materials that can be hard to remove from the skin. Grease from automotive parts and air conditioning systems, for example, often collects in the folds of the knuckles and under the nails. Until recently, abrasives and harsh detergents often had to be used to remove the traces of these substances. Since these soaps were often irritating, people with hardworking hands were normally left with the choice between red, raw hands and lingering traces of oils and grease. This isn't really a choice at all, of course, since everyone wants clean hands that look and feel good.

Now, thanks to micellar technology, these issues have become a thing of the past. At Heavy Duty Cosmetics, we use micellas in our ingredients to help remove tough substances from the skin without the need for hard scrubbing, abrasives, or harsh chemicals. All you are left with are perfectly clean hands that feel soft and smooth with no irritation or roughness.

What Is Micellar Technology?

Micellas are molecules that bind to both water and oil. This means that when you mix them with water, the micellas easily latch onto the oily or greasy molecules on your skin and wash them away. No hard scrubbing required!

Micellar technology came into general use within the last few years, and most companies are not using it yet. Heavy Duty Cosmetics, in our dedication to providing real solutions to real problems affecting the industrious, has found that micellar technology is exactly what our clients need to enjoy both complete cleanliness as well as the softness that we all want when it comes to our skin.

What About People With Allergies and Sensitive Skin?

Those who have sensitive skin and allergies often find that the chemicals used to remove greasy substances from the skin are too harsh. If you belong to this group, you might find that the typical chemicals you use to keep your hands clean leave them red, painful, itchy, or even cracked.

Thanks to micellar technology, our hand soap is formulated to be gentle to sensitive skin. Even those with allergies find that their rashes are not caused or exacerbated by our products. Keep in mind that Heavy Duty Cosmetics uses organic and natural ingredients without any of the major allergens. Our hand soap is able to remove tough substances without stripping the skin of its natural oils that keep it soft and comfortable. It also rinses away fully without leaving any residue behind.

You can trust Heavy Duty Cosmetics to provide environmentally friendly, safe, and effective skincare products. We encourage you to try our hand soap using micellar technology, the future of skincare.

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