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Sensorial Testing: Is It Important?

Cosmetic products must not only be stable, safe, and efficient but also pleasant to your senses. During the day when you're washing your hands, applying cream, or putting on a protective layer to your lips, you naturally don't think about the product unless you dislike or love them for their smell, feel, or positive/negative effect they leave you with.

The products made by Heavy Duty Cosmetics are created thinking of you and your hard work in mind! Our team is passionate about giving you the same time and dedication in making each product not just reliable and effective but also to look, feel, and smell pleasing to you; in order to provide you with a superior creation. At Heavy Duty, we consider both men and women when creating and testing our products to find a balanced and pleasing sensorial experience for all.

How do we evaluate our products?

Using, non-company related, volunteers after the stability testing of our products they perform the sensorial evaluation over the course of two weeks. The senses used in the evaluation of our soap, hand cream, and lip balm are sight, smell, touch, and taste.

A questionnaire is provided along with our soap, hand cream, and lip balm to comment throughout the two week testing period. This makes it easy for each person to frequently update and track any naked eye changes and their personal opinion of each product.

As everyones skin is different and our purpose is to effectively test our products we have volunteers of each sex; and in each group our trial patients are of different ethnicities and skin types. Each participant also performs a different line of work, providing us with positive information as to frequency of use and its effectiveness for those involved in that line industry.

What is the purpose of Questionnaires?

As questionnaires are very standard when testing any type of new cosmetic product, we rely on highly critical persons to evaluate each new creation to give a more in depth description of their experience.

During the trial period specific questions are helpful in directing our thoughts down paths we might not have considered to be important before. The color, texture, and odour are very easily passed by because other people have already corrected these before you bought them. Imagine you were told how good a product is and that you should try it because it will heal your cracked hands; when you get to the store you find it is a strange greenish brown color. You read bottle next to it with the nice looking white product inside and it says it does the same thing; your mind will more than likely direct you to pick up the nice white one because the other isn't pleasing to your sense of sight.

When your senses are not properly satisfied you tend to buy the wrong product making you waste money and remain in discomfort. Heavy Duty is created for you and takes pride in perfecting every detail to give you a superior product.

Stay tuned to our blog to continue to stay updated on the ingredients we use, the testing that we do, and more of the benefits of using the Heavy Duty Cosmetics line of skincare and tattoo removal products. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or LinkedIn for additional helpful information.

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