Dermatology Testing: Skin Analysis

When you purchase a new cosmetic product, you want to be sure that it has been thoroughly tested. You might wonder if it's safe, if it works, and, most importantly, if it will do what it says it will do for you and your unique skin type. At Heavy Duty Cosmetics, we use skin analysis technology to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. Our company medical professional, Dr. Paglia, performs the skin analyses and clinical testing of all products after the stability testing. Read on for more information about our skin analysing process.

What Information Are We Looking For?

When we analyse the skin, we are checking the skin tone, level of melanin (pigment), pores, wrinkles, sebum, and moisture of the skin. We analyse skin of all ages, colours, and types so we can be sure that our hand soap and moisturiser are safe and effective for everyone.

In addition, we check for skin inflammation both before and after using the products. This ensures that if there is inflammation present, it improves with use. Also, we make sure that no new inflammation forms after using our products.

Our skin analyser also takes 3D images of the skin before and after using the products, this way we can focus on one small section or even one pore at a time to get a very good look at how our products are performing.

What Do We Do With the Information?

Once the skin is analysed, we are able to see exactly how the products are working. With our before and after images of the pores, we can see whether the soap is cleaning them out thoroughly and how much healing has taken place in the case of inflamed, irritated skin.

Our testing regimen is to analyse the skin on the first day before product use to detect all injuries, inflammation, and imperfections and measures their extent. Participants then begin using Heavy Duty exfoliating hand soap, hydrating hand cream, and lip balm every day over a course of two weeks. They are examined on the third day after use and again on the seventh day. After they show positive improvements in all categories, we wait another seven days and perform a final examination. This allows us to document the changes in the skin over time, allowing us to provide you with the best products for your body.

What Is the Process Like?

For those who are in the study, the process is very simple. They will have their skin looked at with a specialised skin analysis microscope on every consultation. 3D Images will be taken along with total skin values of moisture, sebum, pore size, melanin, acne, wrinkles, and sensitivity to accurately track and compare its improvement over time. The process is painless and non-invasive.

There is also a questionnaire that subjects will take and answer about the experience, such as how the skin feels, and changes that they've noticed over time. Again, this is painless and non-invasive.

Are There Other Safety and Quality Assurance Processes in Place?

Yes. We have our products being developed and tested by a laboratory that ensures all of the ingredients are natural, organic, and safe. We do no animal testing, and our products are vegan, making them appropriate for everyone.

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