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Top 5 Signs You Are Ready to Say Goodbye to That Tattoo

At one point, you may have loved your tattoo and what it symbolised. Now, though, you're not so sure. Or maybe you didn't like it even when you had it done because the art wasn't what you had in mind or your tattoo artist wasn't as good as you thought he or she would be. Is it time to look into tattoo removal? Check out these 5 signs you are ready to part ways with your tattoo.

#1 Your Tattoo Has Faded or Blurred

Tattoos really don't last forever. The ink can stay in your skin forever, but over time, the design itself can fade, blur, and become less recognisable. If you had your tattoo done many years ago, it's possible that it has faded into something that hardly resembles your original art. In this case, you might decide to have your tattoo removed so you can either return to your original skin tone or so you can have a new one put in its place.

#2 Your Tattoo Bears the Name of an Ex

Did you get a tattoo to commemorate your ex because you thought you'd be together forever? If your tattoo has outlasted your relationship, it is completely natural to not want to see it every day. This is particularly true if you are now dating or married to someone else. No man or woman wants to see their partner's ex-lover's name tattooed on them. A tattoo removal system like Tattoo Out can help you remove this bad memory from your skin safely and effectively.

#3 Your Tattoo Art Is Embarrassing

Not all tattoos come out amazing. It could be that you picked out a design in your teens, 20s, or 30s that you simply no longer like. Or it's possible that your tattoo artist just wasn't spectacular and you never really liked the tattoo in the first place. If looking at your tattoo in the mirror or by looking down at your body makes you cringe, it's probably time for it to go. The same holds true if you often get ribbed by friends because your tattoo is not in good condition or is a representation of something you (and they) now find silly.

#4 Your Skin Isn't Aging Well Around Your Tattoo

Over the course of years and decades, gravity takes its effect on everyone. What used to be taut and tight might not be anymore. People also gain and lose weight over time. You might have gone through a pregnancy that stretched out your tattoo, or maybe you lost a sizable amount of weight and your tattoo now looks wrinkled or shapeless. Some people like how their tattoos look as the years pass by, but others don't want to look at them anymore once they change. If you are in the latter camp, it's time to look into tattoo removal options.

#5 You Can't Get the Job of Your Dreams

Depending on what you do (or want to do) for a living, it might not be possible if you have a tattoo in a conspicuous location. If your tattoo cannot be hidden because it's on your face, neck, hand or wrist, then there may be some occupations that are not going to be a good fit. Many find that societal bias against tattoos to be unfair, and perhaps it is. Unfortunately, however, if you are in the position where your tattoo is holding you back, your only options are going to be to look for a different place of employment or have the tattoo removed. It's up to you to decide which is a better option for you.

You might have a reason for pursuing tattoo removal that is not listed here. Let us know what it is in the comments section below!

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