Taking the best of both clensing and hydrating, Heavy Duty Cosmetics offers our exfoliating hand soap and hydrating hand cream together in our hand set.


Heavy Duty exfoliating hand soap uses micellar technology to assist in only trapping foreign substances without touching your natural oils in combination with apricot seed powder and hibiscus to gently exfoliate hard to remove materials such as silicone glues. This is also excellent for very dry, damaged skin as it helps remove dead skin cells and includes rejuvenating properties in the soap to revive your skin.


Industrious and athletic hands need fast relief, quick absorption, and rejuvenation properties in one. HDC hydrating hand cream uses hyaluronic acid, natural oils, and organic ingredients that are perfectly combined to penetrate the dermal layer providing assistance in skin cell reproduction and restores cracked/damaged skin. Continue your work and training without interruption.

HDC Hand Set

  • Exfoliating Hand Soap - Apply a small amount of HDC exfoliating soap to damp hands and lather well. When being used to srub away tough products message the soap into the forign substance. Rinse well and dry hands.* Use only when removing oils and difficult materials, or up to twice daily for normal washing. This is an exfoliating soap and not intened for all day use.

    Hydrating Hand Cream - Apply HDC hydrating hand cream after washing with our exfoliating hand soap for faster results on severly fissured and damaged skin; or anytime your hands need an extra boost of hyration.